Discover Saranda

Saranda is one of the most sought after destinations of the Albanian Riviera, attracting visitors from inside the country and Italy and -over the last years- from around Europe! Situated in an open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea, Saranda is found in the south of Albania and in front of Corfu (ferry connection), one of the most popular Greek islands.

A virgin Mediterranean island with a touch of tropical beauty

As a landscape, Saranda is just like a virgin Mediterranean island, but with a touch of tropical beauty, featuring some iconic natural sites, such as the Blue Eye water spring, and some important archaeological sites, such as Butrint, a UNESCO Heritage archaeological park.

Saranda is a coastal town with unspoiled beaches and secluded natural bays, such as the Pllaka beach, the beaches around the town, such as Pulebardhat, Pasqyrat and Manastiri beaches, and the nearby Ksamil beaches, such as the Mirror beach, that are really worth exploring.

The climate here is mild Mediterranean, with over 300 sunny days a year.  So that in combination with the developing accommodation services the place has to offer, has made Saranda a destination to discover, especially for tourists coming by cruise ships and for tourists visiting it from the neighboring island of Corfu, in Greece.

Saranda landscapes remain unspoiled, resembling Greek Ionian Islands, as they were 50 years ago. There are unique natural settings to discover, and beaches with pristine turquoise waters, to enjoy a rejuvenating plunge! Being locals in Saranda we know the best places to take you for you to experience Saranda beauty and hospitality, as we do!

saranda jeep tour highlight culture hospitality

The unspoiled natural beauty of the landscapes, the amazingly delicious food and the home-like hospitality that Saranda Jeep Tours will introduce you to, will leave you in AWE!

So whether you are here on cruise ship, whether you have visited the area for a vacation stay or whether you have visited Corfu for a vacation stay, take the chance to discover Saranda by exploring the wonderful beauties of Albania, meeting new people and experiencing a day full of colors, laughs, fun and great local food!

Our tours are designed in such a way for everybody to be able to enjoy the ride! So, whatever your age, feel comfortable to join us. We drive mostly on the regular coastal rode and for some distances on soft off-road.