Saranda jeep agency consists of an experienced team of 8 members who share the same passion for driving and exploring the… still unspoiled nature of Albania!

More than 4500 day-trippers since 2016

As an agency we have been organizing jeep tours since 2016 having organized until now more than 400 tours around Saranda, using only top of the line well maintained Land Rover Jeeps and of course the best tour guides.

Our tours are designed in such a way for everybody to be able to enjoy the ride! So, whatever your age, feel comfortable to join us. We drive mostly on the regular road and for some distances on soft off-road.

Coastline jeep tours

Discover Saranda

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Saranda is one of the most sought after destinations of Albania, attracting visitors from around Europe! Situated in an open sea gulf of the Ionian Sea, Saranda is found in the south of Albania and in front of Corfu (ferry connection), one of the most popular Greek islands.

As a landscape, Saranda is just like a virgin Mediterranean island, but with a touch of tropical beauty, featuring some iconic natural and archaeological sites! Together we will discover all these must-see sights, that include an amazing water spring and unspoiled beaches where you will have the chance to swim into pristine waters and then taste authentic local food served with family-like hospitality!

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The unspoiled natural beauty of the landscapes, the amazingly delicious food and the home-like hospitality will leave you in AWE!

Our Team

Arber, Andy and Laku, Mary, Kiara and Dimitri are here to introduce you to the most popular destinations of Saranda that you must not miss, whether you are on a cruise ship and have stopped to Saranda harbor, whether you have visited Saranda for a vacation stay or whether you have visited Corfu for a vacation stay.

saranda jeep albania safari arber


A polymath and handyman. He is the perfect adventure leader! He used to work with well-known tour operators. His dream is to unveil you the beauties of his land.

saranda jeep albania safari andy


Chief driver - He cherishes these tours experiences so much and finds joy into introducing them to the public, for other people to get to experience the same excitement and unique emotions as he does!

saranda jeep laku albania safari


A mechanic by love and profession. His motto is: Safety comes first. Feel safe to jump on the jeeps, he keeps our fleet in excellent condition!

saranda jeep albania safari mary


Her passion for languages (4) has led her to travel to many countries around the world. But he always had his mind in Albania ... and here she is today, alongside those who, like you, are ready to discover the last pearl of the Mediterranean.



Reservation - Precise and organized, she will answer all your questions by email or phone. Not to worry, your reservations are in good hands…



Come with me to discover the real ALBANIA in a day full of colour, postcard scenery, breath-taking landscapes and above all lots of laughs and fun.

Our well designed one-day tours will give you the chance to explore the wonderful beauties of Albania, meet new people and experience a day full of colors, laughs, fun and great local food!