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Saranda: the ‘Capital’ of the Albanian riviera

Discover the 'Capital' of the Albanian riviera with Saranda Jeep Tours

Are you staying in the Albanian riviera for your summer vacation and trying to find out what
to do in Saranda to have fun and meet new people? Saranda Jeep Tours offers just the
one-day excursion needed for you to experience a family-friendly ambiance while touring
around Saranda to explore the beauties and the fresh local flavors of the “capital” of the
Albanian Riviera.

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Are you thinking about visiting Corfu this year for your summer vacation? Then don’t miss the chance to pop by Saranda in Albania! In just half an hour distance (ferry connection) you reach the harbor of Saranda, and we pick you up from there to show you around with our professional jeeps! This 6-hour tour is specially designed for visitors coming from Corfu, Greece! So no need to worry about getting back in time! You’ve got you covered!

Are you stopping at Saranda harbor while on a cruise ship around Europe? Don’t miss the chance to explore Saranda’s beauties, food and hospitality as we locals do! A 6-hour tour is specially designed for cruise ship tourists at Saranda! So no need to worry about getting back to the harbor in time! You’ve got you covered!

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What to expect from Saranda Jeep Tours

With SARANDA JEEP amazing tour you will have the chance to live an authentic experience discovering the most charming places and beaches of Albania.
Crossing paths with the locals, enjoying their hospitality and tasting typical culinary delights is part of the total experience we offer. And when your stomach will be full and satisfied, our guides will enchant you with forgotten tales of a glorious past.
With us, you will experience the genuine face of our enchanting Country, away from the more touristy areas


The unspoiled natural beauty of the landscapes, the amazingly delicious food and the home-like hospitality that Saranda Jeep Tours will introduce you to, will leave you in AWE!

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Coastline open jeep tours

We are the first to offer original off-road open jeep tours in Albania, giving visitors the chance to experience genuine Albania whilst on holiday here in our country or the neighboring Corfu island (Greece), or whilst on a cruise at Saranda.

Our tours are designed in such a way for everybody to be able to enjoy the ride! So, whatever your age, feel comfortable to join us. We drive mostly on the regular rode and for some distances on soft off-road.

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Major points of interest

Together we will discover must-see sights, that include an amazing water spring and unspoiled beaches where you will have the chance to swim into pristine waters and then taste authentic local food served with family-like hospitality!

Make your stay or visit in Albania an unforgettable experience!

Our well designed one-day or six hours tours in Saranda will give you the chance to explore the wonderful beauties of northern Albania, meet new people and experience a day full of colors, laughs, fun and great local food!

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Book your tour now and prepare for stunning landscapes, breathtaking panoramas and rejuvenating plunges into the pristine waters of the Ionian Sea!